The exclave of Musandam is Oman’s northernmost governorate, isolated from the remainder of Oman by the UAE and home to a portion of the Sultanate’s most emotional landscape. Here, 2000m high mountains meet the ocean with dazzling fjords and perfectly clear waters making this region one of the most best diving and swimming spots on the earth.

Main activities in Kasab & Musandam
Mountain Safari Tour

A trip with 4wd towards the into the untouched wild mountains of Kasab, while through the highest peak (Jabel Harim) of Musandam, you will be able to explore the remains of the ancient life dating back to thousands of years. You will also cover “Sayh” which is 1100 meters above ground level, also inspiring landscapes, natural parks & many other historical events are also part of this wonderful journey.

Dhow Cruise

Dhows are the part of the tradition, we have added those tradition with all the required amenities for our guest to explore. The cruise towards the Fjords, few Islands and Coastal villages that can be accessed only through the waters are the part of this journey.

Keeping in mind you satisfaction, apart from the Breath taking views, we also offer snorkelling and swimming in the clear water are exciting and finally, if you fall lucky, you can watch the jumping dolphins on the way.

Wakeboard Surfing

Go wakeboarding to huge distance and guzzle the adventures of the water game. There are astonishing spots in Musandam to enjoy wakeboarding. It is a remarkable impact of fun one can enjoy. Indulge your abilities of wakeboard surfing in the completely exhilarating waters of Musandam.

Diving & Fishing

In the Musandam region, particularly close to the Strait of Hormuz is exciting. Where deep Oceanic water flows over rugged reefs around majestic islands and through the most spectacular scenery. The clear water brings with it a host of several species of fish.

 Fishing trips are one fad that never grew out of style. Fishing together became about more than just catching fish; it became a chance for socializing and thinking things over. We do offer the Sport Fishing Trip in Musandam. Our speed boat will take you to the main fishing area where you can fish and enjoy the day. We will provide the fishing lines during the trip.

Overnight Camping

Musandam camping sites offer an unforgettable camping experience. Everyone should try camping at least once in their life. The feeling of freedom and peace that you get from just a one-night Musandam camping trip could even change your perspective on life


A fantastic trip for those who want to experience the complete peace and solitude of the Musandam mountains and the desert of the Emirates. We will spend 3 nights wild camping on the Musandam Peninsula, climbing to the peak of Jebel Sham and traveling by boat to idyllic and secluded fishing villages to meet the people who inhabit this wild corner of the Middle East. We then cross the border into the UAE and spend time hiking through the sand dunes before sleeping out under the stars. We finish the trip with a guided tour of Dubai, visiting ancient souks and futuristic skyscrapers.

City & Cultural Tours

Separated from the bristling city life of UAE, kasab have a unique existence in terms of the cultural and an aesthetic sense which make it as a perfect destination in Oman to have a lovely peaceful holiday trip to all and sundry. Khasab is mainly known for its marine life, villages, and handicrafts and have everything to offer to make your trip worth. The calm and beautiful ambiance bring to light the uniqueness of Khasab. Each nook and corner of the small city exhibit the true traditional Oman culture and the beautiful locale with fascinating attractions and the natural beauty brand kasab as the perfect destination in Oman to explore the Arabian culture and beauty of countryside. 


A kayak is a small, narrow boat which is propelled by means of a double-bladed paddle. The cockpit of a kayak is covered by a spray deck that prevents the water to enter the kayak. Our kayak package enables a person to enjoy the dhow ride and kayaking at the same time. We do have single-seater as well as double-seater kayaks available with us.