Why Dados?

Why Us?

VIP services

We thrive in giving our customers a life time experience with the best service that you deserve, as we bend our rules in a way that you are comfortable. We make sure that you leave completely satisfied, because from the time you book our services you are our responsibility and your satisfaction becomes our top most priority.


We are an enterprise where you can rely on. As we tailor or services that best fit you, you name it and we get it for you. One day maybe we can take you not only around the world but also the once we are yet to know


Even when we provide you with that one of kind of exceptional service, we put a first-hand priority in making sure that you are safe to come back again. We make sure our vehicles are sanitised and the drivers take you to your destinations safe and sound, also your adventures with us will be safe.

Act of Integrity

We treat all our guests and employees with the same level of respect, as we know, no one is better than anyone, equality is our best policy so you can expect that respect from our services and the people who handle those services.

Go the extra mile

We constantly upgrade ourselves with the latest updates to get you best services that are available, but also, we would happily go back to stone age if that’s what you prefer.